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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

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Intravel INFINITE Busan - Sungyeol getting caught yawning (~ _△_)~ zzz

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이미주 (Lee Mi Joo) fanart by me (Yeolmint1001/NND1001)


Vogue Girl, September 2014 Issue - Sunggyu’s Q&A

V.G ­ It’s been 5 years since Infinite debuted.
S.K: ­ We released alot of albums, got a lot of fans, popularity went up, we have a lot of things we want to maintain and keep. As a leader, the amount of responsibility I have grew. I also worry about what music we should do and what image we have to show [to everybody.]

V.G: ­ Your individual promotions started with a solo and not a unit.
S.K: It was burdensome because it was a bit too fast. It was an uptight situation where we had to release an album right after the tour. If I “had to” find a meaning to this, I wanted to show a different side from Infinite by using modern rock? I kinda think it’s funny when I look back and remember how I dyed my hair red.

V.G: What style do you think you look best in?
S.K: During the ‘Paradise’ promotions, I grew my hair and styled it up. I didn’t like it at first, but my fans said that the hairstyle was the best fit for me. Usually, I wear clothes that give off the hip-hop feel, like to day. My hair sticks out all the time so when I have to go out, I have to fix it before I go, but I’m too lazy so I’ve gotten into a habit of wearing hats.

V.G: After a long time, you’ve stood on the stage with the musical <Vampire>
S.K: When I promote as a group, there’s not a lot of chances to perform multiple songs at once. However, in musicals, I get to sing three songs continuously, so it’s fun. Performing musical [shows] while doing group promotions are hard to come by, but I wanted to do it so I said I would. The hyungs who are in the show with me help me a lot. I try not to be a burden, if I don’t have time to practice [with them], I practice alone.

V.G: I heard you quit drinking, is there a special reason?
S.K: First of all, I have no time to drink! Also, before promotions, I worked out a lot, but when you drink, all the work goes to waste, so I stopped drinking for a while. But now, I’m doing the musical, and when I’m done performing, I still have work left to do so I don’t think I’ll be able to drink for awhile more…

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